MVaz Jewelry

As a child, I was always interested in fashion, often playing dress up with my younger sister, Jill.  I would re-invent outfits from my old dance costumes, add on 6in.- long earrings I found in my aunt's jewelry box, and walk down the runway (a hallway in parent's house).  I was always creating a new outfit or re-inventing its purpose. 

As an adult, I found it more difficult to channel that energy into something productive. Interested in the ornementation of jewelry, I thought that I would create a new line of cuffs bracelets that were different from many of the ones I had been seeing in stores.  I felt that it was important that the jewelry not only be visually appealing, but that there be some sort of message behind it.  Fascinated by sign-language and the ways in which we communicate with our hands, the força cuff was born. 

-Maegan Vaz – MVaz Jewelry