La Fiancée du facteur is a jewelry brand dedicated to audacious & adventurous women. Each jewel is created like a talisman, a rare & priceless artifact.

Imagine a thousand-year-old relic having belonged to a powerful goddess, hidden in the heart of the jungle and jealously kept by wild animals, a unique and inestimable jewel, which only a smart and courageous “Indiana Jane” could find…

This is how La Fiancée du facteur imagine the perfect woman. Modern, brave, independent & at the height of elegance.

The French Designer, Pénélope CADEAU, studied Art and Fashion Design for 5 years, in France & then in Belgium at the prestigious Fashion School of LA CAMBRE. During a trip in Asia, she totally fell in love with Vietnam and overnight decided to settle down on the other side of the world. And there, she discovered her true passion : the Jewelry Design.