FLOW the Label

FLOW is a Belgian-Ukrainian high-end clothing label founded in 2014 by two designers and sisters, Veronika and Victoria.

In many ancient traditions, real womanhood is being compared to a soft flow of mountain river. So it is for the designers:  they perceive the concept of ‘flow’ as the most pure and tender state of harmony.  Same idea is delicately embodied in FLOW aesthetics: the clothes are minimal, elegant – and always feminine, even when they have masculine elements, ironic accents or slightly experimental bits.

Sisters behind FLOW have always been explicitly visual and artistic kinds of people. Veronika is a graduate of Academy of Internal Affairs yet also she is professional graphic designer who studied in Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Ghent, Belgium). Victoria is a painter, natural born fashionista and an enrollee in National University of Technologies and Design (Kyiv, Ukraine). And the idea to start own clothing line came to them just by impulse. Hard-working and determined, in less than two years Veronika and Victoria have neatly sculpted both visual and material aspects of FLOW. Right from FLOW’s first seasons, the young label gained proper success, finding it place in women’s hearts as well as their wardrobe shelves. With each season, the label’s distribution net becomes more and more global.

Kiev, Ukraine