Antandre is a direct-to-consumer jewelry brand that focuses on excellent product, incredible value, a home try-on service, and a dedication to philanthropy.

How it works: For years, consumers have overpaid for fine jewelry. Retailers charge anywhere from 2 to 4 times their cost to sell you mostly unbranded, bland jewelry. Antandre is a brand with a focus on the customer first. Through our unique and revolutionary designs, Antandre wants to raise the standards for jewelry to be unparalleled in its class. We cut out the middleman and sell directly to our customers. Moreover 5% of every purchase goes to the Diamond Development Initiative, a non-profit focused on bringing transparency to the mining industry. Antandre is a women’s first jewelry brand; our narrative revolves around celebrating the continuing successes of women across the nation. Indeed, our name is taken from Amazonian Warrior, whose name translates into “She who precedes men”.